Reflecting Back on “Playing With Fire”

Hail Loki 🔥


This week I turned in the manuscript for a new book about Loki that will be published through Moon Book’s series, Pagan Portals. I was really excited to be able to contribute the introduction to Loki, and I created what I hope will be a useful manual for anyone who wants to get to know Loki in some of his more famous aspects and begin a solid devotional practice with him. While I was writing, I was flipping through my first book, “Playing With Fire”, which was published in 2015. I wanted to condense what I found to be the most important points about my own conclusions about Loki, while still adding some of my newer thoughts and relevant practices. I tried to make sure that nothing I included was just filler, and everything in the book was useable.

In looking at “Playing With Fire” in the first time for…

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Sta bih mogla da vam kazem o sebi? Da procitate pripovetku o Izvanzemaljki Izi. Pisana iz perspektive mog prijatelja, i ja sam bila iznenadjena gledajuci se kroz oci sveta... ali nista nije promenilo, to sta drugi ljudi misle o meni se mene savrseno ne tice. Tice me se Kosmos, Put, Dusa, ljubav, umetnost, odnosi medju ljudima, alhemija, magija, okultno, DNK nauka, i svi neobicni, posebni ljudi s kojima imam cast da delim Vreme zivotnog puta.
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