Part of Fortune in Scorpio


Jessica Davidson

pof-scorpioThe Part of Fortune in the signs shows how you can find joy by allowing the energy of the sign to flow freely. With the Part of Fortune in Scorpio you achieve happiness and success through regeneration and transmutation of sexual energies into higher spiritual powers.

You are secretive, intense and ambitious, with penetrating perceptions that see into everything and everyone around you. Trust and integrity are important because you want to live without pretence. You’re not fooled by superficiality and seek intimacy with others in order to bring about transformation. You have great strength and emotional depth, and joy will be found in stripping away your outer layers to reveal the core Self within.

Your penetrating insight means you understand the essence of life and the creative forces of nature. Happiness comes through the proper use of power, whether sexual power or that which comes from identifying with collective…

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Sta bih mogla da vam kazem o sebi? Da procitate pripovetku o Izvanzemaljki Izi. Pisana iz perspektive mog prijatelja, i ja sam bila iznenadjena gledajuci se kroz oci sveta... ali nista nije promenilo, to sta drugi ljudi misle o meni se mene savrseno ne tice. Tice me se Kosmos, Put, Dusa, ljubav, umetnost, odnosi medju ljudima, alhemija, magija, okultno, DNK nauka, i svi neobicni, posebni ljudi s kojima imam cast da delim Vreme zivotnog puta.
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