A Lokean Washing Charm



This is a small excerpt from the upcoming book “Loki: Trickster and Transformer” through Moon Books, which will be available May of 2020. This is a small cleansing and empowering ceremony that can be used to charge a cup or bowl of water (alcohol, tea, coffee, or whatever you desire) with life-force and blessings: 

If you wish to use the bowl as a tool of personal cleansing, light your Loki candle and fill the bowl with water. Perform your fire breathing, and with each exhale imagine that you are gathering and breathing Loki’s flames into the water, charging it until it is glowing with bright, golden light. To finish blessing the water, hold your hands above it, and use this washing charm30 that I adopted from the Galdrabók (an Icelandic grimoire dated to around the 16th century) and altered for this purpose:

I wash myself in the dew…

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Reflecting Back on “Playing With Fire”

Hail Loki 🔥


This week I turned in the manuscript for a new book about Loki that will be published through Moon Book’s series, Pagan Portals. I was really excited to be able to contribute the introduction to Loki, and I created what I hope will be a useful manual for anyone who wants to get to know Loki in some of his more famous aspects and begin a solid devotional practice with him. While I was writing, I was flipping through my first book, “Playing With Fire”, which was published in 2015. I wanted to condense what I found to be the most important points about my own conclusions about Loki, while still adding some of my newer thoughts and relevant practices. I tried to make sure that nothing I included was just filler, and everything in the book was useable.

In looking at “Playing With Fire” in the first time for…

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Posedovati Plutona…



Vreme protiče u poptunoj samoći i tami. Ne mogu da se žalim jer sam sam to odabrao. Odabrao sam da vas dovodim i odvodim sa ovog sveta, odabrao sam da se borim sa vašim najdubljim strahovima, odabrao sam da vam dajem ultimatume, da vas pritiskam kad najmanje očekujete, da se pojavljum kad se najmanje nadate, da vas uništavam kad vidim da niste spremni za rast i rad na sebi, da iz vas crpim ono najopasnije, najdublje što možete da ponudite. Ne žalim se. Uživam u svemu tome, uživam da imam toliko moć na dvama, uživam kad doživite suženje svesti, pa niste ni svesni šta radite, to znači da sam baš duboko zario svoje kandže u vas, ali isto tako uživam kad vidim da postajte svesni ko ste, kad vidim da osvešćujete svu svoju dubinu i da veoma hrabro učite da plivate u njoj, onda ću vas nagraditi. Otkriću vam neku…

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Mesec i Merkur u neraskidivom odnosu


Dok nisam postala i sama majka, nikad nisam razmišljala dublje o svom odnosu sa svojom majkom i o izazovima kroz koje smo prolazile. Uvek sam nekako okretala da je sve njena krivica, da me ne razume, da živi u egu, da me napada jer nije po njenom i većina nas živim u sličnim ubeđenjima kad se uz popodnevnu kafu žalimo našim bliskim ljudima, a onda postanete i same majke i sve se promeni.

Nikad mi nije padalo na um da sednem i da pogledam u kakvom su odnosu planete u sinastriji između moje i mamine karte i zašto nas dve stupamo lako u okršaj i šta ona to zapravo hoće od mene. Položaj Meseca u karti vašeg deteta govori o tome na kom ćete nivou biti potrebni svom detetu. Moja Leonora ima Mesec u prvoj kući i ona ima potrebu za fizičkim dodirom sa mnom i kad sam u njenoj…

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Saturn Transits: 11th House

Jessica Davidson

When Saturn transits the Eleventh House the need for security and achievement influences your long-term goals and how you relate to society at large. While the 10th house covers your worldly ambitions, this house is about your individual purpose, how you see your function in the wider society, and what you want to do on a personal level to develop into the future.

When Saturn transits the 11th house you’ll have to face up to the reality of the way you’ve been living: what you’ve done, what you’ve failed to do, and what you should do in the future, especially in relation to other people and society in general. This is the time to discover what you should be giving to others, which obviously depends on the position you hold in society.

If things went well during Saturn’s transit of your 10th house, you’ll probably feel pretty good –…

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Calm down from stress in 2 minutes with your breathing

Ole's Blog

Here’s a simple, but very powerful exercise I use from time to time when life comes crashing down on me.

1. Start by taking 3 deep breaths – slowly.

2. Go back to normal breathing. Now simply observe your breathing. When you breathe in, mentally state “breathe in”. When you breathe out, mentally sate “breathe out”. Do this for 30-60 seconds.

That’s it!

You should feel calmer and more relaxed after this exercise.


Rate your stress level from 0-10 before and after the exercise.

• If you are in a tough situation and find it hard to detach from it, try this: Imagine a little box in the corner of the room you are in. Tell yourself, that you will temporarily put any problems and worries into this box during the exercise. Then you will be able to pick it up again when you are done. This will…

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Hanged God Calling on Line One: an Unexpected Interview

When Allfather drops by~ ♥Odinn♥

Druid Journal

Some time ago I promised my wife I would stop meditating in the car. I was sorry to do it, because some of my very best meditations happened then, but I understood her concern. I’m willing to concede that perhaps deep meditation is not really safe at 70 miles per hour…

sixarguments4aBut on Tuesday I broke my promise. It wasn’t my fault, though — I swear! I was driving along, minding my own business, and a spirit quite firmly forced himself into my full meditative attention. Here’s how it happened.

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